For Guys. Do’s and Don’ts to Online Dating

Another angle on love

Nancee Cain

I’ve been married for years, and meeting eligible men today is much different from when I was dating. My beautiful, darling daughter has recently stepped back into the dating game after a painful break-up. Her girlfriends convinced her to sign up for online dating.

Oh my, how things have changed. Now a girl can shop from the comfort of her home wearing a scruffy bathrobe while eating a pint of ice cream. It’s like choosing a guy from the Sears catalog without the awkward underwear shots. (Or perhaps those awkward underwear shots would be preferable to some of the photos my daughter described.)

My daughter gave me her list of Do’s and Don’ts for the photos men post.

  1.  Men if you have shirtless photos …. You will seem a little douche.
  2.  No one wants to see you kissing the fish you just caught.
  3.  Spell out words. Stop being lazy.
  4. Don’t…

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One thought on “For Guys. Do’s and Don’ts to Online Dating

  1. Jackie August 20, 2014 / 10:20 am

    love this advice to men – a refreshing change.


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